Physical Sciences


Five (05) modules of Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Disposal System


Physical Sciences

Focus Area:

Solid Waste Disposal

Social Benefits:

Eco-friendly disposal of plastic waste through electric ionization utilizing high temperature plasma with zero level toxin emission, Large volume reduction, slag is 1/10th of the volume of processed solid waste, Decomposition of waste into Hydrogen rich fuel gas and energy harvesting from generated gases through generation of electricity, Utilization of Pyrolysis oil as fuel in engine for energy harvesting, Generation of biogas from organic waste and utilization for house hold purpose, Utilization of Manure in agricultural and horticultural work, Conversion of agro waste into briquette and utilization as fuel, Recycling re-use of construction demolition waste for construction work, Gasification and production of Syn gas and generation of electricity

Developing Agency:

CSIR- Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), West Bengal

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Brief Description

Description :

Eco-friendly disposal with generation of fuel gas containing insignificant amount of toxin.

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