Chemical Sciences, Medical Sciences


CDRI 1703F003 for PCOS Management


Chemical Sciences, Medical Sciences

Focus Area:

Management of PCOS

Social Benefits:

1703-F003 is enriched with non-steroidal natural compound (N-017-0036); therefore, has enormous clinical benefits in young women and married women, suffering from PCOS, The bioactive fraction 1703-F003 was developed from single herb, The plant material is cultivated; hence, easily available commercially at a cheaper price all over India. The raw material used to prepare bioactive fraction (1703-F003) is renewable; thus, no environmental or biodiversity issue arises, The plant material and its extracts have been approved to develop a nutraceutical product by FSSAI (Schedule IV and VI); therefore, it would be easy to develop and commercialize the product, The process for nutraceutical/dietary supplement development from bioactive fraction (1703-F003) is very simple and economically viable , The bioactive fraction (1703-F003) is water soluble to make various dosage forms such as tablet or capsule, An inexpensive formulation of 1703-F003 has already been prepared and efficacy confirmed, The quality and efficacy of bioactive fraction (1703-F003) can be monitored by bioactive marker (N017-0036), The bioactive fraction 1703-F003 found to be safe up to 5 grams in acute toxicity studies in rats.

Developing Agency:

CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Uttar Pradesh

Technology Readiness Index:

Technology Development

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Brief Description

Description :

As a part of our nutraceutical/dietary supplement development program, we found that 50 and 150 mg/kg body weight doses of the bioactive compound N017-0036 and its enriched fraction 1703-F003 respectively improved the ovarian health by increasing the preovulatory follicles and ovulation potential (corpus luteum) at the same time decreasing the cystic follicles. The pure compound N017-0036 alone improves the ovulation independently in the PCOS animal model. The proposed nutraceutical product (1703-F003) development has enormous clinical application and market potential.

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