Chemical Sciences

Title :

Rare earth phosphate TBCs for high temperature insulation and hot corrosion protection applications

Area of research :

Chemical Sciences, Material Sciences, Physical Sciences

Focus area :

Surface modification (coatings)

Principal Investigator :

Shubhra Bajpai, Scientist, IMMT

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Executive Summary :

Objective: The main objective of this research work is to develop novel class advanced thermal barrier coating for high temperature resistance application in critical environment.The sub-objectives of the proposal is given below: • WP 1 Processing and granual formation of the LaPO4 powders and its characterization • WP 2 Development of the TBC system with optimized parameters • WP 3 Detailed characterization of the developed TBC system • WP 4 Analyzing the detailed thermal cycling process of the TBC system for different temperature and cycles.

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