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Development of efficient synthetic protocol of high temperature (= 1200 °C) stable anatase TiO2: A technological challenge for self-cleaning ceramic tiles industries

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Engineering Sciences, Material Sciences

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Self-cleaning ceramic tiles

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Dr Asit Baran, Principal Scientist, CSIR-Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSIR-CSMCRI), Bhavnagar

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Objective: Development of a suitable synthetic procedure for TiO2-A stable till 1200 °C using the developed spray drying based strategy, aqueous titanium preoxo-carbonate solution as precursor and a suitable dopant

Summary: For the fabrication of anatase titania (TiO2-A) coated self-cleaning ceramic tiles a two-step process is utilized to restrict phase transformation (~ 600°C), which is energy extensive. To fabricate the same in one step, it required a high temperature (1200 °C) stable TiO2-A. A large number of attempts have been made to stabilize anatase TiO2 at high temperature by varying the size, shape and morphology, and most importantly incorporating foreign element (metal or non-metals) in crystal structure as dopant. Majority of the literature reported TiO2-A stable till = 1000 °C. However, the sintering temperature of base ceramic tiles is 1200°C. Thus, it is essential to develop a simple and cost-effective method for TiO2-A stable up to 1200°C.

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