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A Complete solution for Energy Monitoring - Smart Energy Meters, Smart PlugsHoldersNodes, with IoT, Data Monitoring, Data Analytics and Data Security

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Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Energy Sciences

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Energy Monitoring

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Dr Paluri SV Nataraj, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay

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Electricity utilities continue to incur losses, due to inefficient metering systems, lack of control over billing & recovery. The main reason is that we still follow traditional methods and are largely yet to adapt to smart metering, prepaid metering and demand side load management. Typically, electricity distribution & metering is seen only from revenue point, but not from the perspective of management and control. Common challenges faced by the Distribution companies (DISCOMs) are: 1. Metering & recovery. 2. Monitoring & tallying load distribution and consumption at different layers of the distribution network. 3. Planning and scheduling maintenance work due to lack of information about the health of the system components. 4. Crisis management 5. Sudden transition from current meters to feature rich meters which can create budgetary issues Some issues faced by consumer: Lack of info about the consumption of consumer, no information about faulty meter and no simple method to monitor consumption at bulk & end node level. Investigators propose to tackle the above issues by offering a package of smart devices & software elements described below. These systems not only look at revenue but also go far beyond for better distribution, health monitoring & control of distribution network, aiding in better demand-side management. The proposed package of smart devices has: A. Smart energy meter i. Digital energy meter, to measure & read voltage, current, PF etc. with load switch for prepaid & postpaid metering. ii. Manual and automatic readable meter via wireless connectivity for data collection and control with remote load disconnection and reconnection facility. B. Smart Plug/Holder/Node (for use with any appliance/load), having i. Chip for energy measurement & other parameters. ii. Disconnector for rated current. iii. Talks to central control unit on any data communication. C. Software for IoT, data analytics, billing, and control i. Data analytics for statistical analysis ii. IoT for cloud-based monitoring iii. Data encryption and security iv. Automatic billing v. Disconnect load for defaulting consumers vi. Load profiling and alerts. vii. Sets monthly and daily targets viii. Instant information about crossing limits of maximum demand, PF, etc to avoid penalties. ix. Send alerts and notifications to user x. Detects leakage/theft instantly xi. Sends reports and alerts on distribution network health. With the smart energy devices: 1. Monitoring & estimating line losses by tallying energy delivered by DP with sum of energy consumed in real-time can be done. 2. Same method applies to all layers of the distribution network. 3. DISCOM can control large power-consuming apparatus to effectively optimise peak power purchase. 4. Consumers can tally consumption with energy bill 5. Consumption pattern boosts consumer confidence & enables proactive consumption reduction. 6. Data analytics provides statistical information. 7. Load disconnector facilitates prompt recovery.


Dr Arnab Maity, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay

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