Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Title :

Mobile diagnostic testing lab for COVID-19

Area of research :

Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Engineering Sciences, COVID-19 Research

Focus area :

Mobile diagnostic testing lab for COVID-19

Principal Investigator :

Prof Sai Siva Gorthi, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru

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Executive Summary :

The mobile lab concept implemented in terms of the hub and spoke model. A 20-foot container equipped with storage, reagents/kits aliquotion area, and bio-waste management facilities will serve as the nodal hub, while the mobile sample collection, processing and testing labs will serve as the satellites or spokes. The hub and its satellite labs can travel to COVID-19 infected districts/ areas, with the hub parked at a location. The fleet of mobile labs for sample collection, processing and testing will travel through the district collecting and analyzing samples. At the end of the day, the mobile labs will return to the hub for storage, bio-waste disposal and for refueling of consumables and PPE.

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