Chemical Sciences, Material Sciences


Cold Bonded Carbon Composite Pellets for Utilization of Iron Ore Micro- Fines and Carbon Bearing Fines


Chemical Sciences, Material Sciences

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Chemical technology

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CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML), Jamshedpur

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Technology Development

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Description :

This is a cold bonding process, so it is energy efficient. Curing time is very short (5-10 min). It utilizes iron ore micro-fines and coal fines or coke fines or carbon containing waste fines in iron making or sintering. The micro-pellets provide energy to the sinter bed for reduction in coke breeze consumption. 38-48 % reduction in coke breeze has been found when 38 % blast furnace flue dust containing pellets were mixed with iron ore in sintering(12 kg scale). Since it is a composite pellet, it can be reduced faster than normal pellets. C02 in steel plant's waste gas is utilized in strengthening of pellet.

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