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A Novel System for Seafloor Classification Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Hybrid Layout with the Use of Unprocessed Multi-Beam Backscatter Data.


Physical Sciences


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CSIR-National Institute Of Oceanography (CSIR-NIO)

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Description :

A system for on-line (i.e. real-time) seafloor classification uses multi-beam acoustic device mounted beneath a ship's hull attached to an r.m.s. estimator module through a beam former module.The multi-beam backscatter r.m.s. data comprises a back. The novel system for seafloor classification uses artificial neural network (ANN) hybrid layout with the use of unprocessed multi-beam backscatter data. Its a real-time seafloor roughness classifier using backscatter data after training the self-organized mapping (SOM) network and learning vector quantization (LVQ) network wherein, the system has the unique capability for the combined use of unsupervised SOM followed by supervised LVQ to achieve a highly improved performance in the roughness classification.

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