Major Achievements

High Performance Computing (HPC)

To support on-going operational and research activities in atmospheric and ocean modelling, we need large and fast computing resources. The HPC facilities at the Ministry have been substantially augmented by upgrading to the capacity of 1100 Teraflop. With this facility, a paradigm shift in weather and climate modelling activity for operational weather forecast has been achieved. The ministry is now able to generate weather forecasts at a very high resolution of 12 km, which is similar to the weather forecasting capability of US weather service. This facility has been extensively used to develop dynamical prediction systems under the Monsoon Mission.

The Ministry is in the process of procuring the next generation high performance computer with 10-15 petaflop computer, which will be installed and commissioned by November 2017. With this new facility, it is expected that MoES will have the third best computing facility among the weather forecasting agencies around the world and the Ministry will enter into new frontiers in modelling activities with the specific applications on severe weather, urban meteorology and ocean services.