Major Achievements

Agrotechnologies for Lilium cultivation (CSIR-IHBT, Palampur)

CSIR-IHBT has developed package of practices on Lilium cultivation which includes all aspects regarding soil, climate, soil preparation, propagation techniques, varietal selection, bulb size, time of planting, planting density, planting depth, irrigation, nutrition, hoeing, weeding, pinching, disbudding, insect and disease management, grading, packaging and transportation of flowers. The CSIR-IHBT has been promoting Lilium cultivation and supporting the farmers by providing bulbs to the interested cultivars. Overall, CSIR-IHBT had distributed over 126,860 bulbs to the lilium growers in last decade. One of the key areas of assistance provided by CSIR-IHBT has been to raise awareness about Lilium cultivation and motivating farmers to grow Lilium. The mode of reaching out to the interested farmers was trainings, exposure visits, demonstration and kisanmela.

The exposure visits were also undertaken as part of extension activities to promote Lilium cultivation among the interested farmers. During the last 10 years, 57 exposure visits were made by CSIR-IHBT team with the objective of promoting Lilium production. The institute had also organised demonstrations on lilium in the farmers’ field from 2007-08 to 2016-17. These demonstrations were conducted at 30 different sites. CSIR-IHBT had also organized a farmers’ fair (KisanMela) at the institute on 26th September 2016 with participation of 78 farmers.