Taste masked pharmaceutical composition comprising ph sensitive polymer

The present invention discloses a substantially amorphous pharmaceutical composition comprising a drug that can exist in a variety of polymorphic forms and a pH sensitive polymer, which inhibits the crystallization of the drug during formulation and reconstitution. Polymers of higher molecular weight are more effective at lower loading, especially when the drug polymer matrix is prepared by the solvent evaporation or solvent extraction technique. The composition used as dry syrups maintain bioavailability of the drug and effectively mask the taste of the drug when the composition is reconstituted.

Patent Assignee: Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)

Patent No: AU2003288707 [Australia]

Application No: AU20030288707

Inventor(s): Kulkarni, Mohani Gopalkrishna; Menjoge, Anupa Ramesh

Issue Date: 02-08-2007

Filing Date: 15-12-2003

Licensing Option: Laboratory willing to jointly develop technology with industrial partner.

Implementing institute: CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory [CSIR-NCL]

Funding agency: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

IPC Classification: A61K9/16

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