Industrial Innovations

A Herbal Dye and Process of Preparation thereof

The present investigation consists of extraction and application of organic colours on wool and cotton from various weeds, fruit tree leaves and rinds of fruits found in mountains, which goes waste. Weeds used need to be eradicated in this case the use is productive. All the procedures are standardized in terms of time and energy. The parameters optimized for the dyeing process include extraction time, concentration of mordants, selection of best mordanting method, concentration of harda (myrobalan) in case of cotton and dyeing time for best use of the natural resources available. The colours obtained from various natural sources range from green yellow to reddish and pinkish browns. Dyed samples are tested for colour fastness for light washing, crocking and perspiration and then only the shades that are fast to these agencies are recommended for use.

Area: Other Areas

Funding agency: Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India

Benefits: The innovation is a lost cost, eco-friendly, weed based herbal dye, applied as organic colours on wool and cotton.

Implementing institute: National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), Govt. of India

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