Energy Sciences


A Process for Manufacture of a Passive Energy Device (PED) from a Hysteric Shear Polymer


Energy Sciences

Focus Area:

Device for structural design

Developing Agency:

CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre (SERC), Tamil Nadu 

Technology Readiness Index:

Lab Validation

Brief Description

Description :

The hysteretic shear polymer is based on Indian standard natural rubber (ISNR). The hysteretic shear polymer is fabricated to make a passive energy device (PED) that are like simple brace/ non-brace elements and provides shear strain as high as 200% linearity and shear strength > 25 kg per sq. cm. PEDis useful for dissipating shear load due to seismic forces in buildings. PED can be added to existing structures either during construction or in their service life as retrofit, to enhance the damping of a structure.It has improved Seismic Performance of structures,mitigate the damage of primary structures,easy replacement after a major seismic event.

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