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NEERDHUR: Multi-fuel Domestic Improved Cookstove


Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences, Energy Sciences

Focus Area:

Multi-fuel Cookstove

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NEERDHUR cook stoves is approved by MNRE, GoI on the basis of performance evaluations conducted by ICS Test Center and after satisfying stipulated performance criteria to meet the newly developed cook-stove emission standards by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS 2013), NEERDHUR is certified to show a thermal efficiency of 33.33% with emission levels as CO: 3.78 g/MJd, TPM: 340.10 mg/MJd at a power output of 1.70KW, NEERDHUR is among the best cook stoves in terms of thermal efficiency under the 2KW domestic natural draft biomass stoves.The salient features of NEERDHUR includes: High combustion efficiency with solid fuels, through improved combustion chamber designs and other improvements , Use of low cost Insulation for reduced heat losses , Better safety with use of effective insulation. The outer body temperature is around 60C , Improved adjustable fuel grate to efficiently utilize the heat output of the stove, by adjusting the volume of combustion chamber , Improved adjustable fuel grate, which allows use of different fuels like coal, wood chips, fire wood, briquettes etc, Supports top and front fuel loading , Significantly lower emissions compared to Traditional Cook stoves (TCS) , Fuel saving of more than 50% compared to TCS , User friendly , Improved safety and durability.

Developing Agency:

CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Maharashtra

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Brief Description

Description :

The product can be used for domestic household cooking, roasting, frying, grilling, space heating, water boiling with multiple fuels is selected from coal, charcoal, woodlogs, woodchips, biomass briquettes, crop waste, rice rusk, agriculture waste, forest waste. Offers improved efficiency and lower emissions.

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