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Argemone Oil Detection Kit (AO Kit)


Agricultural Sciences, Engineering Sciences

Focus Area:

Oil Detection


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Social Benefits:

The test is easy to perform, takes only a few minutes , Requires only visual observation of fluorescence in the instrument provided, Sensitive (Minimum detection limit of 0.01% (100 ppm) , Cost effective , Serves as a handy tool for consumers

Developing Agency:

CSIR- Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (IITR), Uttar Pradesh

Technology Readiness Index:

Technology Demonstration

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Brief Description

Description :

Consumption of mustard oil adulterated with Argemone Mexicana oil is known to cause an epidemic popularly referred to as dropsy. Several outbreaks have been reported in the past. The dropsy incidence at Delhi in August 1998 appears to be largest reported in the country involving over 2500 victims with more than 60 deaths. To detect Argemone oil adulteration in edible oils, a simple quick field level kit has been developed by CSIR-IITR.

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