Chemical Sciences

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Recovery of metal values from FeCr slag en route to zero waste

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Chemical Sciences

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Dr Ajit Panigrahi, Scientist, CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (CSIR-IMMT), Bhubaneswar

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Objective: Complete utilization of ferrochrome slag is targeted along with the development of value added products like refractory bricks. The effect of process parameters on the leachable chromium and its minimization is also one of the major focus of the proposed study. It is an effort in line with the current policy of Government of India of Make in India with “Zero effect and Zero Defect”.

Summary: The need for the development of new materials for high-temperature applications has caught the wide attention. Recently, HEAs have emerged as potential candidates over superalloys due to their unique properties such as strength retention at elevated temperatures, excellent thermal stability, age- hardening behavior, creep resistance, better wear and oxidation resistance. Thus, the work envisaged in the project aims to develop HEAs by powder metallurgy and arc melting route, coating systems for the high-temperature applications. Process parameters will be optimized to get HEAs with superior properties. Effect of composition, heat treatment, mechanical milling on the microstructure, mechanical, structural and wear will be systematically investigated. Use of HEAs in the coating system, optimization of the process parameters for plasmaspraying coating method and tribological studies in this regard are also envisaged.

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