Energy Sciences

Title :

Fabrication of 12V, 500F supercapacitor device assembly

Area of research :

Energy Sciences, Engineering Sciences

Focus area :

Super capacitor cell assembly

Principal Investigator :

Dr M. Sathish Scientist, CSIR-Central Electro Chemical Research Institute (CSIR-CECRI), Tamil Nadu

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Executive Summary :

Objective: Fabrication of super capacitor cell assembly with 500F capacitance and working voltage of 12 V; Optimization of electrode materials, coating thickness, winding and electrolyte amount to reach maximum energy density in device level.

Summary: Electrochemical capacitors or supercapacitors has high power desity compared to other energy storage devices. However, their poor energy desity limits their potential applications in electric and hybrid electric vehicles. The energy desity of the supercapacitors mainly depends on the nature of the electrode materials and nature of the electrolyte used. The electrode materials need to have high syface area with good conductivity in symmetric supercapacitors and the combination of composite electrode materials (pseudacapacitance and electrochemical double layer capacitance) can increase the energy density. Whereas, the use of battery type electrode materials with supercapacitor electrodes in asymmetric configuration also enhances the energy density, significantly. In the addition, the current collectors, electrolytes and separators plays role on energy density of the supercapacitors by all means.

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