Energy Sciences

Title :

Development of a modular central receiver concentrated solar power plant for decentralized power generation

Area of research :

Energy Sciences

Focus area :

solar power plant

Principal Investigator :

Shri Ashtabhuja Chaudhari, Project Leader, Sun Borne Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Gurugram

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Executive Summary :

Project aims to demonstrate the technical and economic viability of concentrating solar thermal central receiver systems to deliver clean, cost-competitive renewable electricity. The proposed technology focuses on a modular, small-size (0.3 to 5 MWe), efficient and higher plant utilization power plant.

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1. Design and fabrication of prototype receiver have been completed and currently it is being tested out for its performance. The heliostat has designed and many trials have been done to analysis the output. 2. All the electrical and control works are completed for field, prototype receiver and central control room. All the heliostats and prototypes receiver systems can be controlled from control room through SCADA. 3. Heliostats controls philosophy has been worked out for sun tracking and tested. 4. The comparison of prototypes and model results in thermal storage have been obtained for final design

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