Energy Sciences

Title :

Development of CZTS solar cells and modules-non vacuum process

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Energy Sciences

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Solar Cells

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Dr. Abhijit Ray, Associate Professor, Pandit Deendyal Petroleum University (PDPU), Gandhinagar

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1. In the 1st year of the project, the team has successfully optimized a spray deposition process for developing high quality CZTS thin film. From materials aspect, fully optimized precursor concentration in order to minimize secondary phase formation was done. In the third quarter, optimized spray deposition of CZTS materials were chosen for device development and tested for their ideality. 2. The CZTS/CdS and CZTS/In2S3 hetero junctions were made entirely by spray process and their junction behavior was tested thoroughly and carrier lifetime in CZTS first time in the world by Open Circuit Voltage Decay method was measured. 3. At the same time electrochemical process optimization and electrode position of CZTS were carried out. Electrodeposited CZTS was successfully fabricated on F: SnO2 (as back illuminated cell) and Mo-foils (for front illuminated cell). 4. In the 4th quarter, pulsed electrode position was reviewed and set up for CZTS thin film. An optimization of which is ongoing at present. The alternative buffer layer materials, Zn (O,S) and In-doped Zn (O,S) is being fabricated and tested at present and structural electrical-optical characterizations are underway.

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