Mathematical Sciences

Title :

Agent based spatial modelling of COVID-19 pandemic for urban areas

Area of research :

COVID-19 Research, Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Mathematical Sciences

Focus area :

Mathematical modelling for COVID-19

Principal Investigator :

Dr Wilfred Godfrey Wilson, Atal Bihari Vajpayee Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management (ABV-IIITM), Gwalior

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Executive Summary :

This work proposes (1) a multi-agent spatial model for epidemic diffusion, (2) a control theoretic approach for choosing the right lockdown strategy and deciding on the duration of implementation of a strategy and, (3) to apply fuzzy logic to make the model more realistic with uncertainties with respect to agent decisions.


The SEIRD model defines that human agents are in any one of the states such as susceptible, exposed, infected, recovered or dead states and these states change with time.

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