Ramanujan Fellowship

The Ramanujan Fellowship is meant for reverse brain drain. This scheme has been developed for brilliant scientists and engineers from all over the world to take up scientific research positions in India i.e. for those candidates who are doing Post Doctoral abroad or scientists who want to return to India from abroad. All Areas of Science (in the broadest terms) are covered by this Fellowship. The fellowships are scientist-specific and very selective. The Ramanujan Fellows could work in any of the scientific institutions and universities in the country and they would be eligible for receiving regular research grants through the extramural funding schemes of various S&T agencies of the Govt. of India.


i) The fellowship is open to brilliant scientists and engineers from all over the world who are below the age of 45 yrs and want to return to India from abroad.

ii) The applicant should possess a higher degree or equivalent, such as Ph.D. in Science/Engineering, Masters in Engineering or Technology/MD in Medicine etc. with adequate professional experience.

iii) These Fellowships are very selective and only those who have a proven/outstanding track-record as evident from their research publications and recognitions would be eligible.

iv) In case a fellow is offered permanent position, he/she can only avail either fellowship or salary at a given time.

v) This fellowship is meant for working in new areas and laboratories in order to expand their research capabilities, other than the one, where the candidate has obtained his/her doctorate degree. Thus, nominations from the Ph.D guides of the candidate or from the same institute will not be considered. Fellowship Amount: The Ramanujan Fellow is entitled for a Fellowship of Rs.85000 per month consolidated. For other emoluments like House Rent Allowance etc., the awardees have to negotiate with the host Institute in their own capacity. In addition, a Research Grant of Rs.7 Lakh p.a. and institutional overhead of Rs.60000 p.a. financial year wise is provided. The Fellowship duration is for 5 yrs.

Funding Agency: Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Dept. of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India

Area:All Science Disciplines

Purpose: Research

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