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INSPIRE - AORC Faculty Scheme (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research - Assured Opportunity for Research Careers)

INSPIRE, an innovative programme of DST, was launched in 2008 with a long term foresight to help our nation build the required critical resource pool for strengthening and expanding the S&T system and R&D base. INSPIRE includes many components. INSPIRE Faculty Scheme opens up an 'Assured Opportunity for Research Career' for young researchers in the age group of 27-32 yrs by offering attractive contractual research awards to young achievers and opportunity for independent research in the near term and to emerge as a future leader in the long term. While the vertical migration among students in different INSPIRE components would be encouraged, this Scheme also provides opportunity for lateral entry.


i) Indians with PhD (in science, mathematics, engineering, pharmacy, medicine, and agriculture related subjects) from any recognized university in the world. Those who have submitted their PhD theses are also eligible. However, the award will be conveyed only after confirmation of the awarding the PhD degree.

ii)The upper age limit should be 32 yrs for considering support for a period of 5 years. However, for SC/ST candidates, upper age limit will be 35 yrs.

iii) Publications in highly reputed Journals demonstrating research potential of the candidate.

iv) Candidates who are employed in regular/contractual position within India can apply in INSPIRE Faculty towards improvement and enhancement of their career prospects but upon selection, the candidate needs to from their current job and organization, for the implementation of INSPIRE Faculty Award. Applications can be made in 2 modes: Direct and Nomination. A 3-tier selection process i.e. Discipline-based Expert Committee, followed by selection through the Apex Level Committee and finally, selection by the mFaculty Council is made. A Maximum of 1000 INSPIRE Faculty positions per Yr shall be given. Fellowship Amount: A consolidated amount equivalent to the scale of the Assistant Professor of an IIT as Fellowship amount with an annual increment @ 3.3% per yr. It amounts to approx. Rs 80000 p.m. all inclusive. In addition, a Research Grant of Rs.7 lakh per yr for 5 yrs shall also be provided. The INSPIRE Faculty position is for a maximum period of 5 yrs. This scheme is not a guarantee for tenure positions after 5 yrs.

Funding Agency: Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India; Indian National Science Academy (INSA)

Area:All Science Disciplines

Purpose: Capacity Building, Research

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