Tata Innovation Fellowships

This highly competitive scheme was initiated in 2007 to promote innovation in science, especially in Biotechnology in finding path-breaking solution of the major challenges. The objective is to recognise and reward scientists with outstanding track record in biological sciences/ biotechnology and deep commitment to find innovative solutions to major problems in health care, agriculture and other areas related to life sciences and biotechnology. The scheme aims at rewarding interdisciplinary work where major emphasis is on innovation and translational research with a potential towards commercialization. Five fellowships are awarded per year. The applicant should possess a Ph.D degree in Life Sciences, Agriculture, Veterinary Science or a Master’s degree in Medical Sciences, Engineering or an equivalent degree in Biotechnology / related areas and have a regular permanent position in a University/ Institute/ Organization. The candidate should be engaged in research and development and have outstanding contribution and publication in the specific area. Also, the applicant should have spent at least 5 years in India before applying for the fellowship. The Tata Innovation Fellows receive a fellowship of Rs. 25,000/- per month in addition to regular salary from the host institute as well as a contingency grant of Rs. 6 Lakh per annum for meeting the expenses on consumables, equipment, international and domestic travel, manpower, etc. incurred in connection with the implementation of the research project under the fellowship. If an awardee is receiving salary from international organization, he/she would be entitled for research grant i.e. contingency only. The duration of the fellowship is for 3 yrs, extendable further by 2 yrs on a fresh appraisal.

Funding Agency: Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India

Area:Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Purpose: Innovations, Research

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