S&T Awards*

Orissa Young Scientists Award

Category Name: Biological Sciences

Foundation Year of Award: 1987

Award Features: Cash Prize Rs. 10000

Award Periodicity: Annual

Award Recipient Category: Individual(F)

Announcement Time: During the month of September/October every year

Objective: To promote research work in different fields of science and technology in Orissa. To encourage the Oriya Young Scientists below 35 years of age to continue further in their fields of research. To give recognition & honour to the notable and outstanding research contributions of scientists of Orissa.

Criteria: Three awards for scientists working within the state of Orissa in the field of physical sciences. Life sciences and engineering & technology for outstanding research in any branch of physical sciences life sciences and engineering & technology. contribution in science and technology during the five years preceding the year of award. An additional award for notable and outstanding research contribution by Oriya scientists working outside the state of Orissa

International:(Country/ Brain Gain): National

* Under Revision | Updated till 2021