S&T Awards*

National Meritorious Inventions Award

Category Name: Medical Sciences

Foundation Year of Award: 1960

Award Features: Rs. 5 lakh

Award Periodicity: Annual

Award Recipient Category: Individual(M/F)

Announcement Time: At a special ceremony organised once in about 2 years

Objective: to stimulate the spirit of inventiveness among the scientific technical persons industrial workers technicians artisans craftsman and students in order to recognize the creative talent which could be harnessed to benefit the Nation

Criteria: The invention should be either an original product/process or an improvement onpresent product/process so as to increase utility of the product/process by enhancing consumer advantages like reducing cost/effort of the uses/weight or volume or by improving performance/accuracy/realibility/safety/life/versatility etc. The invendon should have been successfully tried out in practice inventions.

International:(Country/ Brain Gain): National

* Under Revision | Updated till 2021