S&T Awards*

Annual Award Scheme for Authors of Popular Science Books in Oriya - Children's Literature in Science

Category Name: Nature Study

Foundation Year of Award: 1993

Award Features: Cash Prize Rs. 10000

Award Periodicity: Annual

Award Recipient Category: Individual(M/F)

Announcement Time: During the month of September/October every year

Objective: In order to promote publication of books in popular science in oriya language a scheme of annual awards to authors of popular science books has been instituted by the Academy to recognise their contribution to this field. The following three categories of books will come under the ambit of the scheme viz. a) Popular science General b) Children's literature in science and c) Popular science for Neo-literates.

Criteria: The published books may contain scientific essays short stories accounts awarded every year

International:(Country/ Brain Gain): National

* Under Revision | Updated till 2021