Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Title :

Leaf disease detection & severity estimation using deep learning based image processing method

Area of research :

Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Engineering Sciences

Focus area :

Plant pathology

Principal Investigator :

Dr Rajib Jha, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (IITP), Patna

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Associated Programme / Scheme :

Core Research Grant (CRG)


Executive Summary :

In this research work, disease detection algorithm has five different steps like image acquisition, image pre-processing, image segmentation, deep learning based disease classification and finally severity estimation of the disease. Disease detection and estimating exact severity level of disease help to use an appropriate amount of pesticides to be sprayed in the farm or in tree leaves in order to improve the quality and productivity of crops.


Dr Sudhir Kumar, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (IITP), Patna

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