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International Symposium on nonlocal mechanics approaches for modeling localized deformations

This symposium is intended to provide graduate students, engineers, and researchers working in aerospace, automotive, civil, mechanical engineering, and materials and manufacturing industries with the theory and applications of nonlocal mechanics approaches for modeling localized elastic and inelastic deformations. The persons attending the symposium will benefit in gaining knowledge and information in the areas of : Nonlocal / Non-Classical Mechanics , Continuum Peridynamic Formulations, Nonlocal Approaches in Fracture / Damage Mechanics, Nonlocal Plasticity, Applications of Nonclassical Mechanics in Defence and Aerospace Sector

Event type: Conferences & Seminars

Target Group: Graduation, Faculty and Scientists

National/International: International

Area: Physical Sciences, Material Sciences

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Focus:Nonlocal mechanics approaches for modeling blocalized deformations

Ministry/Deptt/Institution:Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad

Venue & Location:Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad

Start date: 07-Jun-2022

End date: 08-Jun-2022