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Specially Abled

Technology Interventions for Disabled and Elderly (TIDE) 

TIDE, a unique initiative of Department of Science & Technology (DST), provides technological solutions with multidisciplinary approach to resolve the problems and improve the quality of life of the elderly population with focused initiative on S&T interventions. The program also aims to provide individual autonomy and independence to persons with disability through holistic development by creating enabling environment for their empowerment through the application of Science and Technology.

A wide array of technology prototypes/products for elderly and people with disability (PwD) have been developed to gain access for equal opportunity, live independently and participate fully in all aspects of life in an inclusive society.

Major Achievements:

1. Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) devices for Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

2.Automatic generation of sign language from Hindi Text for communication and education of hearing impaired people