Grassroot Innovations

Seed cum Fertilizer Dibbler


Sowing of a seed, a beginning for all the life forms. This also triggers the agricultural procedures for the farmers. If not done properly and at right time, this may affect the crop drastically. Hence, farmers adopt different methods and measure to ensure the proper sowing. Rich farmers opt for seed drillers; mounted on tractors for speedy sowing or they employ poor farmers and labors for manual sowing. Poor farmers, who cannot afford the tractors and drillers, they have to do it themselves, manually. Traditionally and till date, the farmer who has to sow manually, have to dig the land, fill the hole with seed and then cover it back with soil. This all is done sitting. To dig another hole one has to stand up and again sit. This repeated process to sit-stand-sit seems like an unnecessary punishment for the farmers. The other way is to bend, instead of standing. In both the situations, farmer has to face a severe back pain or uneasiness on his back. This process consumes a lot of time. Although the seed drills facilitates the sowing job in a speedy manner but it has got its own drawbacks. The distance between the two rows and plants of sowing varies with the type of crops and also type of soils. Since the fabricated seed drillers will have a fixed distance between the two drills, this will be not suitable for sowing cotton and other crops, where the spacing between two lanes is required to be more than regular crops.

Innovator: MansukhBhai Jagani

Area: Engineering Sciences

Contact Address: Junagadh

State: Gujarat

Funding agency: Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India

National Mission: Skill India

Implementing institute: Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network (GIAN), India


The dibbler is a less labour intensive stripper with zero maintenance and recurring cost.

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