Team Science Grants

Team Science Grants will fund team of researchers who bring together complementary skills, knowledge, and resources to address an important health challenge for India. These grants will also fund high-risk, high-reward research work.

Applicants must demonstrate their complementarity, the added value that this collaboration would bring and lead to advances that would otherwise not be possible with individual Principal Investigators (PIs) working alone. The project should be multi-institutional and inter-disciplinary in its approach, with a suitable research management plan and structure.

Eligibility: 1. Composition of the team: A minimum of three investigators should participate, including one as Principal Investigator (PI) who would manage and lead the team.
2. All investigators should: Have PhD/MD/MBBS-MS/MPH or equivalent, with at least 5 years of experience in running an independent research group or lab.
3. All investigators should carefully consider the percent of time they would give to these grants and must state their time commitments towards other research and non-research responsibilities. This would be particularly required of researchers currently holding India Alliance fellowships, which have defined percent time commitments.
4. An appropriate research management plan should be in place at the coordinating institution, and preferably at all participating institutions.

Funding Grant: Up to INR 10 crores can be requested for a 5-year project. Projects of less than 5 years or over INR 10 crores would be deemed ineligible.

Area: All Science Disciplines

Purpose: Capacity Building

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