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SERB Fund for Industrial Research Engagement (FIRE)

The Program intends to address the challenges in the research and innovation space in India, by creating an ecosystem that would accelerate the growth in the research work with national impact, and drive the R&D landscape efficiently and effectively. 

Eligibility: "1. Applicants [Principal Investigator (PI) and / or Co-Principal Investigator(s) (Co-PI(s))] should be Indian citizens. Foreign nationals (including OCI and NRI) are also eligible to apply provided they fulfil the eligibility criteria notified by SERB and The Gazette of India Notification of Ministry of Home Affairs in respect of OCIs. 2. The applicant(s) must hold a regular academic/research position in a recognized academic institution or national laboratory or in any other recognized R & D institution in India with at least 3 years of service remaining."

 Last date: Wednesday, May 31, 2023