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Department of Biotechnology (DBT) announces Call for R&D project proposals on ‘Human Genetic Diseases’

The program supports research across a spectrum: basic research, translational research and clinical research to establish how to use genomic information to advance medical care. The Aim of the program is to support R&D activities for i) understanding the role of genetic components in health and disease and the cross-talk of these components with environmental and lifestyle factors, ii) translating the understanding thus acquired for the improvement of human health, iii) development of genomics-based strategies for prediction, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, iv) development of early- warning minimally invasive diagnostic biomarkers for diseases with a genetic basis, v) building capacity in human genetics and genomics by promoting training on technology platforms and methodologies for genome analysis in relation to human health and disease, etc. 

Eligibility: Scientists/Clinicians/Researchers working in a regular capacity in Government R&D Institutions/Medical Colleges/Academic Institutions/National Laboratories or SIRO recognized Non-Profit R&D Organizations, with sound relevant scientific & technical backgrounds and relevant publications in the proposed research area in the proposal can submit project proposals.

 Last date: Wednesday, February 15, 2023