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BIRAC announces Call for Proposals under PACE Scheme

To encourage/support academia to develop technology/product (up to PoC stage) of societal/ national importance and its subsequent validation by an industrial partner, BIRAC has launched PACE (Promoting Academic Research Conversion to Enterprise). The scheme has two components: 1. Academic Innovation Research (AIR): The objective of Academic Innovation Research (AIR) scheme is to promote development of Proof-of-concept (PoC) for a process/product by academia with or without the involvement of industry. 2.Contract Research Scheme (CRS): Contract Research Scheme (CRS) aims at validation of a process or prototype (developed by the academia) by the industrial partner.

Eligibility: Academia (Public or Private Institute, University, NGO, or Research Foundation) having a well-established support system for research shall be the primary applicant. For Public or Private Institute, University, NGO, or Research Foundation, submission of proper registration/ accreditation from a government body is mandatory like UGC affiliation certification AICTE, CSIR /DSIR/SIRO certificate/Bye laws of society/Trust Deed etc whichever is applicable.

 Last date: Wednesday, November 30, 2022