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Autonomous Vertical Profiler


Engineering Sciences


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Patented in US

Developing Agency:

Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) ? National Institute of Oceanography (NIO)

Brief Description

Description :

The Autonomous Vertical Profiler (AVP) is a propelled robot vehicle that traverses the water column vertically while sensing and storing the vertical structure of water column properties. It can descend at variable speeds to a given depth set by the user. It ramps down the motor thrust, reaching zero velocity at a desired depth layer above the sea bed. Being positively buoyant for safety purposes, it ascends relatively slowly to the sea surface without power. In order to locate the profiler after it breaks surface, the AVP transmits its GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates via RF or through a satellite modem. A low frequency acoustic pinger is strapped to the hull as an extra safety device. Unique Features of the AVP:

  • 1.17m long, 0.18 m in dia., weighs 13 Kg and is designed for 200m operations; 
  • Safety is ensured by use of an echo-sounder and pressure sensor so that it avoids crashing into the seabed; 
  • Control system on the AVP invests it with the capability to hover at any set depth;
  • In a worst case scenario, the AVP can do 30 dives to a depth of 100m for 2.5 days;
  • Ease in operation and one man deployable.

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