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Studies on macrophage-T cells interaction in mouse model of malaria: Role of Th17 cells

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Medical Sciences

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Dr. Jyoti Das, Scientist, National Institute of malaria Research (NIMR), New Delhi,

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The blood stage malaria infection by Plasmodium berghei activates various immune cells. Somehow these activated cells differentiate into Treg, and the factors that drive t cell expansion or differentiation is unknown. We found high levels of CD4+ICOS+Foxp3+ cells, which are highly immunosuppressive in nature. We also observed that there is predominant secretion of IL-10 as the parasitic load increases which suppresses the immune activation and allows the parasite to grow in the host leading to its demise.


Dr. T Adak, Scientist, National Institute of malaria Research (NIMR), New Delhi

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