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Studies of antioxidative and immunomodulatory effect of conjugated linolenic acid from bitter gourd oil

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Life Sciences & Biotechnology

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Dr. Pubali Dhar, Professor, University of Calcutta (UC), Kolkata

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The mode of CLnA implementation in the biological models was modified to nanoemulsion and conventional formulations for better absorption, lesser auto-oxidation and providing technological dimension for pragmatic and clinical relevance. Methodology developed can also be commercialized as a low cost high impact technology for similar studies on bioactive lipids. Emphasis was laid on providing empirical evidence to establish the positive implications of nano-sized CLnA formulations which showed higher efficacy over micron-sized systems, irrespective of the fact that the composition of all the formulations was maintained constant. Additionally, real-time flow cytometric data was provided to show that nano-sized bioactive lipids, CLnA, are rapidly internalized and metabolized with enhanced prophylactic and therapeutic effects than micron-sized CLnA.


Dr. Prasanta K Bag, Professor, University of Calcutta (UC), Kolkata


The results of the study showed that the optimum dosage values for feeding of lipid nano/micro emulsions have been standardized to counter-alloxan induced diabetes in Charles foster strain rats.

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