Programmes & Schemes

BIMSTEC Centre for Weather and Climate (BCWC)

This scheme is to consolidate scientific and technical resources and to establish an institutional mechanism to boost regional cooperation, BCWC (BIMSTEC Centre for Weather and Climate) was set up following a Memorandum of Association between MoES and BIMSTEC member countries. The association is for areas such as forecasts, early warning systems, capacity building, and strengthening of observing systems in a more coordinated manner. BCWC is mandated to deliver products and services in applied scientific research in weather prediction and climate modeling. BCWC activities include conducting training, workshops, capacity building, enhancing the observing system for BIMSTEC (for both process understanding and forecast skill improvement).

Programme Type: Societal Development

Ministry / Department: Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES)

Focused Area: Earth Atmosphere & Environment Sciences

Target Audience: BIMSTEC member countries

Funding Agency: Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), Govt. of India

Purpose: Capacity Building, Infrastructure

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