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miRNA loaded nanoparticles: Investigation and validation of targeted miRNA delivery as A prospective antiviral approach against HSV-2 infection

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Life Sciences & Biotechnology

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Dr Anupam Mukherjee, Scientist, National Aids Research Institute (ICMR-NARI), Maharashtra

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Core Research Grant (CRG)


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Almost 500 million people belonging to the 15-49 years age group were living with HSV-2 infection, worldwide. HSV-2 infection is sexually transmitted and leads to genital ulcers and increased risk of acquisition of HIV with higher transmissibility to partners and neonates. This study will not only elucidate the direct role of the inflammasome in HSV-2 infection but also investigate the inflammasome-induced pyroptosis pathway, shedding light on the checkpoints that can be modulated to extenuate HSV-2 pathogenesis in the host.


Dr Abdul Arif Khan, Scientist, National Aids Research Institute (ICMR-NARI), Maharashtra

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