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Research and development of multiband UV photodetector using oxide semiconductor

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Engineering Sciences, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

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Dr Vipul Singh, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (IITI), Indore

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Core Research Grant (CRG)


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This project proposes fabrication of multiband UV detectors using oxide semiconductors in three different categories (a) oxide semiconductors integrated with plasmonic materials, (b) composite of oxide semiconductors and (c) stacking of semiconductors with Schottky diode configuration. The semiconductors like ZnO (Eg equal 3.3 eV), CuO (direct bandgap of nearly 4.0 eV) and ZnCr2O4 (Eg equal 3.5 eV) will be used for the fabrication of the devices. These devices will also be fabricated on flexible substrates and the fabricated devices will establish the multiband UV detection technique at the forefront of the optoelectronics industry.


Dr Tejendra Dixit, Indian Institute of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing Kancheepuram, Chennai

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