Chemical Sciences, Engineering Sciences


Community Level Arsenic Removal Plant (Model-I)


Chemical Sciences, Engineering Sciences

Focus Area:

Water Filtration

Social Benefits:

Drinking arsenic-rich water over a long period impacts health in various ways, including skin problems skin cancer, cancers of the bladder, kidney and lung, and diseases of the blood vessels of the legs and feet, and possibly also diabetes, high blood pressure and reproductive disorders.

Developing Agency:

CSIR- Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), West Bengal

Technology Readiness Index:

Market Launch

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Brief Description

Description :

Capacity: 700 L/hr. (approx.) [ attachable to Submersible pump and Mark-II hand pump] . Geo-materials (media based adsorbent) used for removal . No electric power requirement . No running cost . Instant arsenic free water . Manufacturing cost (MS made): Rs. 40,000/- (approx.) [installation, filter media transportation charges extra] . Technology transferred to 5 Indian Industries in non-exclusive basis. Application: Environmental (Clean Tech.) - Water treatment.

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