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Surgical Microscope for Eye Surgery


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Sufficient large working distance between operation field and Microscope , A true stereoscopic observation for reliable acquisition of three dimensional structure of the object field , Good resolution with excellent contrast, Excellent and uniform illumination of the field of operation and also in depth of cavity , Position and diameter of the Exit Pupil to portrait an easy and reliable acquisition of entire field of operation at different angles also for spectacle wearersWide magnification range to guarantee a rapid change over from low power to high power for detail observations , Different magnifications range can be achieve using indexing objectives , High and safe illumination using a fiber optical system and cold light source , Equipment is mounted on steady rolling wheels with locking mechanism

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CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO), Chandigarh

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Description :

For ophthalmic eye surgeries especially for the cataract operation by the ophthalmologists.

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