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Technology of Packaged Fiber Laser


Physical Sciences, Material Sciences

Focus Area:

Fiber Laser

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Developed packaged fiber lasers can be used for material processing applications such as metal cutting, marking and surgical applications. The 2 micron 30 W Thulium laser can be used for precise incision of soft tissues which is applicable in the surgical sector of medicine.It is far more efficient than their crystal based Holmium laser counterpart due to smaller size, high wall plug efficiency and rugged nature.

Developing Agency:

CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CGCRI), West Bengal

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Lab Validation

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Brief Description

Description :

Three technologies consisting of fabrication and packaging technique of i) 100 W CW Ytterbium laser for stent cutting, marking on plastic and PCB surface, ii) 20 W Pulsed Ytterbium laser for marking and engraving applications and iii) 30 W CW Thulium laser for surgical application in medicine.

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