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Ampricare-Disinfectant Box (UV Rays Hybrid Technology)


Physical Sciences, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

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Social Benefits:

Useful In Hospitals, Medical Industries, Police And Army, Factories, Banks, General Shops Especially Clothes, Commercial Buildings, Houses Etc.

Developing Agency:

CSIR-Advance Material and Process Research Institute (AMPRI), New Delhi

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Lab Validation

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Brief Description

Description :

The AMPRICARE- DISINFECTANT BOX (UV Rays Hybrid Technology) is a unique box which consists of a closed space, UVC light source, a sensor, rotator base, adjustable solar panels, Digital OLED display, control software application, coated base /wall from inside. It is made up of optionally using novel and unique rectangular / square opaque panels which are developed by advanced hybrid material encapsulated nano to submicron to micron sizes polymeric based material which also helps in providing UV radiation shielding effect to the outer environment.

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