Traditional Knowledge, Medical Sciences


A Plant Flower Extract as an Anti-peptic Ulcer Pharmaceutical Formulation


Traditional Knowledge, Medical Sciences

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Peptic Ulcer Treatment


IN232610, US7291353

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The composition can be in the form of tablets, capsules, syrup or by any other form known in the art and is administered orally, intramuscularly, and by any other conventional methods, given as a single bolus dose or a multiple doses. Composition may be used for therapeutic as well as prophylactic treatment of peptic ulcer. Excellent protection against a range of ulcerical conditions arising from diverse causes In terms of therapeutic management of peptic ulcer diseases, the applicant gets triple therapy and even in some cases quadruple therapy ie: the control of majority of the therapeutic potential of the currently prevailing modem medicines by a single plant part.

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CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (IICB), West Bengal

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Lab Validation

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Description :

Peptic Ulcer diseases. A pharmaceutical composition for treating peptic ulcer and related ulcerical conditions, caused by various aetiologies such as those arising from stress induced ulcer, peptic ulcer, cold restraint induced ulcer, drug induced ulcer and acid induced ulcer.

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