Agricultural Sciences

Title :

Minimally processed fruits with extended shelf life

Area of research :

Agricultural Sciences

Focus area :

Elongated shelf life of cut fruits

Principal Investigator :

Dr Revathy Baskaran, Scientist, CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute (CSIR-CFTRI), Lucknow

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Executive Summary :

Objective: To confirm the storage studies of fresh cut fruits at pilot scale; To commercialize the technology through identified Industrial Partner

Summary: Fruits being highly perishable and seasonal, are not available throughout the year. Fully processed fruits lack fresh like quality and wholesomeness and is beyond the purchasing capacity of common man in India. Hence, a bridge between raw whole fruit and fully processed fruit is required. Minimal processing of fruits can probably form the bridge between the two. By minimal processing, the post-harvest losses can be significantly reduced if not eliminated and fruits be made available in ready to eatconvenient form and also to use in fruit salads. Also, consumers demand for “Convenience” is the driving force for this project concept. It is hypothesized that use of GRAS chemicals at a very low concentration and use of natural extracts including volatiles to extend the shelf life of fruits would be a preferred product by the consumers. Preliminary work in this line has given encouraging results. The technology of minimally processed vegetables has been successfully transferred to more than 23 industries. Among them “BIG BASKET” is one of the licensee. Big Basket would serve as an Industrial partner in this project, who would absorb the technology developed in this project and would commercialize it. Also, Ardra Foods Pvt Ltd Bengaluru would be a partner in this project.

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