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Biology of aging and age related disorders

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Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Medical Sciences

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Dr Rakesh K Mishra, Scientist, CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CSIR-CCMB), Hyderabad

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Objective: • Validate the age response elements (AgREs) as epigenetic aging¬clocks • Understand conservation of age response elements in other vertebrates • Investigate the epigenetic switch from active to repressive marks across age groups to understand the timeline of aging-associated changes • Identify changes in epigenetic profile at selected loci in patients of aainq disorders compared to normal aaina. .Assess themitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) variation from different tissues of individuals with aging disorders to evaluate organ-specific genetic variations and correlate with disease progression.. Evaluate the involvement of nuclear genes in mitochondrial DNA replication and integrity. . Estimate the mtDNA variations and depletion in multigenerational families to understand the transformation of mitochondrial dynamics during aging. . Understand neuronal (excitatory as well as inhibitory) and astroglial metabolic activity with progress of AD. Understand A~-plaque load and homeostasis of proteins with the progress of AD. . Evaluate the impacts ofdietary restrictions / different interventions on protein. homeostasis and neurometabolism in normal and AD mice.

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