Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences

Title :

Interactions between trace metals and marine biota in the Indian Ocean

Area of research :

Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Focus area :

Trace metals and marine biota

Principal Investigator :

Dr Samir R. Damare, Principal Scientist, NIO

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Executive Summary :

Objective: Measure the levels of TMs in water, sediment and biotic life from the Indian Ocean. Decipher movement of water masses to understand circulation in the Indian Ocean with the help of stable isotopes and use of these stable isotopes as tracers of biological, geochemical and ecosystem processes and food web analyses. To investigate the biotic component using conventional and modern molecular tools. Characterize the genes involved in metal sensing and uptake in marine bacteria. Study the expression of genes coding for metalloproteins and effects of trace metals in their expression/ functioning.

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