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Utilization of satellite data for tropical cyclone forecasting using the NWP model over the Indian Ocean

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Astronomy & Space Sciences

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Tropical Cyclone; Remote sensing data assimilation in the Numerical Weather Prediction model; Numerical Weather Prediction

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With the increased infrastructure and amount of people living along the Indian coastline, it is vital to improve the accuracy of India Ocean tropical cyclone track and intensity forecasts. Accurate prediction of the tropical cyclones in the tropical region, particularly over the Indian subcontinent is a challenging task due to its complex geographical location, having Indian land region surrounded by Bay of Bengal (BOB) in East, Arabian Sea (AS) to the West and the Indian ocean in south. During the post and pre monsoon seasons, the Indian subcontinent is more or less every year hit by tropical cyclones, which forms either of the seas situated in the East and West of the Indian land region. Even though currently tropical cyclone forecasting using NWP model has improved our understanding over many process of tropical cyclone, there is scope to utilize the various types of satellite data in the NWP model for improving the forecasting of tropical cyclone. Over the oceanic region very less number of conventional observations are available. So, satellite data plays an important role to monitor the tropical cyclone formation to dissipation. Therefore, in this project, it is proposed to utilization of satellite data and evaluation of its impact on tropical cyclone forecasting such as track, intensity and rainfall during landfall using NWP model over the Indian Ocean.


Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), Dehradun

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