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Wide Metallic Glass Ribbon Processing Unit


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Metallic Glass Ribbon Processing

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The liquid metal is poured on water cooled Cu-wheel which can rotate at a speed of 1000 -3000 rpm.The system can be operated in normal and controlled atmospheres, The type of alloys that can be prepared through this melt-spinning system are : a) Glassy magnetic alloys: Fe-Si-B, Fe-Ni-B, Co-Si-B , b) Nanostructured magnetic alloys: Fe-Nb-Cu-Si-B,Fe-Co-Nb-Si-B , c) Brazing alloys: Cu-Ni-Mn, Ni-Fe-Cr-B-Si , d) No hazardous gas emitted , e) Ferromagnetic shape memory alloy: Ni-Mn-Ga, Co-Ni-AI

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CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML), Jharkhand

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Technology Development

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Description :

It has a wide application in rapidly solidified material processing unit for magnetic alloys that can be used in transformer core, magnetic sensor applications, saturable reactors, choke coils, core materials for circuit breaker, etc. and also processing unit for brazing alloys that can be used in joining materials as heat-exchanger for automobile and aircraft industries.

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